If you are Silver status or above, you are always opted in to every #OhmHour you receive by default.

If you cannot or do not want to participate in an #OhmHour, you have until the first 15 minutes of the #OhmHour to opt out. 

Please be aware of the below 3 factors if you opt out of an #OhmHour: 

  1. You will receive zero points for the #OhmHour.
  2. Your streak will be broken if you opt out.
  3. Your consumption for that #OhmHour will still be factored into your overall consumption for your Status level percentage. 

You can opt out using the text or email #OhmHour notification you received before the #OhmHour began by clicking the link in your text or email alert. 

From that screen, you'll see an option to opt out.

How do I turn off my #OhmHours if I'm going on vacation?

If you know ahead of time that you will be unreachable for a period of time, if for example you were heading off to the wilderness for a week without cell service, you can do the following:

1. Adjust the “#OhmHour Timing” on the bottom of the settings page to not include any time. You will need to make the adjustment a week before the time you want to block off and remember to reset when you return. This will preserve your streak until you turn your #OhmHours back on.   

2. Toggle OFF the setting for "If I have a smart device connected, include me in all #OhmHours at all times, but only send me notifications during the above times." Otherwise, we'll still send you #OhmHours if you have a smart device connected, but we won't send you notifications.

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