Just like a power plant, OhmConnect has contractual obligations to the grid to provide energy when needed. When an #OhmHour doesn’t provide the energy savings expected, OhmConnect receives a financial penalty.

These financial penalties are passed along to users who don’t save energy during the event as negative points. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Opt-out! If you know you won’t be able to participate in an #OhmHour, let us know by opting-out and you will not receive any negative points for that event.
  • If your results look really wrong, please take a look at your utility website and see what it tells you and compare it to the energy use we measured. If there is a significant difference, send us a screenshot from your utility website and a CSV file and we will try to resolve it with your utility provider.
  • There is an Opt Out card in the Token Marketplace that will forgive your overage.  Check here for all the ways you can earn tokens.
  • There is also a Streak Shield card which will allow you to maintain your streak.  That one is worth saving up for!
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